Desktop Graphing Calculator

Patrik Lundin,

Desktop calculator with function graphing capabilities. The calculator handles the normal operations plus the ability to plot simple functions (only functions of type f(x) in a standard coordinate system).

Download Here

Quick start

  1. Click on the buttons on the calculator to form your expression.
  2. Click the green [=] button to evaluate.

Note: sometimes you may have to click to place the caret correctly in the expression before continuing to build your expression.

Draw a function graph

  1. Click on the function buttons on the calculator and the x button to form your function of x, for example cos(x)
  2. Click on the green [=] button to draw the function graph in the coordinate system.
  3. Zoom, change bounds and clear the coordinate system with the buttons at the bottom

Save function graphs to a file

  1. Draw the functions you want to save
  2. Click on the Save button at the top left to save the graphs.
  3. Select a filename to save to

Load function graphs from a file

  1. Click on the Open button at the top left to save the graphs.
  2. Select the filename you have previously saved graphs to.
  3. The graphs are loaded into the coordinate system.

Print function graphs

  1. Draw or load the functions you want to print
  2. Click on the Print button at the top left to print the graphs.
  3. Follow the instructions on the print menu.

License and disclaimer:

This utility and source code is released under the Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL)